T E M P O S    Philosophy

Our Values as a Consulting and Training Supplier:

The business principles or values of TEMPOS as a company are of the highest importance to us in conducting our business.  All clients, associates, and any other business contacts are treated in the same respectful way.

To our clients and customers:

TEMPOS has no affiliations to any organisation or shareholder that could influence the way in which we do our work or the advice that we offer to clients.  We will provide truly independent consulting and training services. 

Our reputation relies on our professionalism, we strive to exercise the highest possible level of integrity in all that we do. 

Your information and our contribution belong to you, the client. We maintain the degree of confidentiality you require before, during and after all assignments.  

We shall offer simple straightforward services with all costs and charges explicitly agreed before work starts. We will strive 100% to meet the expectations of our customers and do everything we can to make amends if we don't live up to that expectation.

To those we work with such as Associates and other companies:

We will work hard to maintain mutually beneficial relationships with contractors, suppliers and in joint ventures. 

We will expect those we do business with to have similar values and business principles as Tempos and will preferentially work with those that demonstrably do.  

We will terminate relationships where we know our standards are not being met.