T E M P O S    Consultants



TEMPOS's two Managing Consultants, Iain Blair and Paul Wood have between them 68 years industry experience, following successful careers mainly with Shell International.  

They have worked world-wide as engineers, integrated team leaders, project managers, functional experts and major project governance leads.   

They are founders of TEMPOS Training and Consulting Ltd (UK Registered) and TEMPOS Middle East (Dubai Registered). 

Oil and Gas developments worked on include:

Europe: (Brent, Cormorant, Dunlin, Eider, Fulmar, Tern, Leman, Sole Pit, Shearwater, Nelson, Draugen, Bacton, BOLS, FLAGS, Ticleni, Catcher); 

Middle East: Oman (Yibal, Al-Huwaisah, Natih, Lekhwair, Saih Rawl, Nimr, Qarn Alam, and others); Egypt (Badr el Din, NEAG, Obaiyed, Rosetta), Syria (Omar, Tanak, El Isba), Qatar (Pearl GTL), Saudi (Ghawar, Berri), Iraq (Khurmala Dome, Kirkuk, Awali), UAE (ADCO Operations, CO2 EOR);

Africa: Gabon/Niger Delta (Northern Swamp, Southern Swamp numerous fields);

Asia: Thailand (Sirikit), Brunei (Seria, Rasau, Tali, Champion, Ampa), Malaysia (Baram Delta, Balingian, Luconia), China (Changbei), Japan (Domestic Gas)

Russia: (Salym, Sakhalin II).

Americas: USA (GoM TLP), Venezuela (Urdaneta) 

Iain Blair BSc PhD CEng FEI    Resumé 

Paul Wood CEng FEI FIET       Resumé 




TEMPOS has a network of associates with deep expertise in specific areas of upstream oil and gas development and operations. All of our Associates have at least 25 years experience and are already operating as highly sought after consultants in their own right.