T E M P O S    Disclaimer

TEMPOS Consultants are covered fully by Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.  

As is common place for consulting services our reviews and assists are conducted under a disclaimer, shown below. 


TEMPOS Training and Consulting Limited and Tempos ME, "TEMPOS", provide Upstream Oil and Gas Consultancy Services, Reviews and Assists, "Services", to the "Client" as part of the Client's process for managing a project or study. 

TEMPOS's Services are rendered pursuant to the contractual agreement between the Client and TEMPOS. TEMPOS accepts no liability for any negligent or inaccurate statement or finding in the assessment or report, any omission, or for any consequences of actions taken as a result of reading the same.

Any "Report" (includes written or verbal, formal or informal) and its recommendations are without prejudice to all parties' obligations under the legal agreements existing between them.  The findings and recommendations in the said Report can only be based on the information provided to TEMPOS during the Consultancy, Reviews or Assists. The contents of any Report are confidential and privileged, and all parties participating in the Consultancy, Review or Assist or reading the Report are required to keep information received by them confidential.